Students’ Union (SU)

            The Students’ Union is the students’ body concerned with looking after the welfare of the students. It carries out various extra-curricular activities for the college as a whole. It provides personal, educational guidelines or overall development of the students. General Elections are held annually and the elected leaders function under the guidance of the Teachers in charge. They organize important events like College Week, Freshers’ Social, etc., and publish annual college magazine.

Career Counselling and Placement Cell

Career Counselling and Placement Cell is set up in the College for the benefit of the students. The Cell functions with the objective of rendering guidance, assistance and inspiring the students for achieving their career goals. The Cell has undertaken various enriching career-related programmes and activities by inviting experts on career-prospect in different job-oriented fields. It organises Career Awareness Campaigns, Seminars, Workshops, Career Fest, etc. to  motivate and groom the students in pursuing their choice of career. The Cell also focuses on soft-skills development training to enhance the employability of the students. 

Equal Opportunity Cell:

Equal Opportunity Cell organises workshops and seminars to achieve the general outlook and mental horizon of the students for better inclusion and participation. It also aims to sensitize students on gender issues and create awareness on sexual harassment laws, protection of women and children under IPC etc.

National Service Scheme (NSS)

It is a voluntary organization of college students under the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development .The aim of NSS is to inculcate social consciousness and a sense of responsibility, discipline and dignity of labour among the youths. It is vibrant with activities and has undertaken Health Education and Cleanliness Programmes. It organizes Environmental Awareness Programmes, HIV/AIDS Awareness programmes, Blood Donation camps and Health Camps in the campus and in remote areas. The volunteers represent the College in seminars and other training programmes like the National Integration Camps at the National Level. 

Adventure Club

The Adventure Club has been established in the college for those students who are interested in outdoor activities and excursions. Members of the club participate in outdoor adventures like hiking, rock climbing, white water rafting and other expeditions. The expeditions are also educational in purpose. 

Evangelical Union (EU)

The College has an Evangelical Union to cater to the religious needs of the students. It organizes prayer meetings, worship service and crusades. Funds are raised by the students themselves and they often help orphanages and homes for the needy 

Music  Club

The Music Club functions an outlet for students interested in music to get together and express themselves. It aims to nurture and develop the musical talents of students and provide a platform for budding students to achieve their fullest potential. It also seeks to advance the message of love and brotherhood through the universal language of music.

Cultural  Club

The Cultural Club seeks to encourage students to keep in touch with the rich values, customs and traditions of their culture through participation in cultural activities. The Club organises various activities and programmes that will help the students in the wholesome development of the students  by giving them self-awareness, confidence and pride in their cultural heritage. The Club also seeks to expose students to the rich and varied cultural traditions of India and the wider world..

Literary Club

The objective of the Literary Club is to inspire students to develop interest in reading and writing by fostering in them a taste for literature and language. It aims to develop analytical and critical thinking to help students appreciate different types of literature and sharpen their debate and oratory skills. The Club also aims to provide a platform for students to showcase their own creative and critical works.

Eco  Club

The Club seeks to create awareness on environmental issues through its activities which include seeking solutions to environmental problems. It aims to empower students to become green ambassadors by making them aware of the need to protect and conserve the ecosystem. The Club conducts programmes with a view to love,care and nurture nature

Educational Tour

The College frequently conducts study tours for selected students in and outside Mizoram.