Department of Education, Gov’t J.Buana college is one of the three oldest departments which was established in the year of 1983 under Mizoram University (formerly NEHU and at present Mizoram University). The department was started with Three Year B.A Integrated Course of Honour and General Degree course which was replaced by Semester system of Continuous Assessment pattern from the Academic session of 2011-12. There are six semester course within Three year degree course. The Department also offering  the core course Under Graduate Courses of Mizoram University (Choice Based Credit and Grading System) from the Academic session of 2016-17.

 The course (Paper) structures of the Department of Education are:

I Semester

Paper - I: Psychological Foundations of Education

II Semester

Paper -II: Philosophical and Sociological Foundations of Education


III Semester

Paper -III: Development of Education in India


IV Semester

Paper -IV: Issues and Trend in Contemporary Indian Education


V Semester

Paper- V:  Research Methodology in Education

Paper -VI: Statistics in Education

Paper-VII: Educational Evaluation

Paper-VIII: Optional A. Educational Technology


VI Semester

Paper-IX: Curriculum Development

Paper-X: Educational Planning and Management

Paper- XI: Development of Educational Thought

Paper –XII: Optional C. Special Education

                Note: Core Papers I to IV will be Electives for students of other Disciplines


Students are selected for admission into B.A Course as per the Admission Criteria prescribed by the MZU through Interviews and Academic Records. The Department produce a large number of students cleared and held a good position in every Year. Besides, a good number of students held a ranking position Under Graduate Examination MZU.


                                List of Students Enrollment 



No. of students











                The Department has its own Library keeping a good number of books which is reviewed and enriched every year by increasing a number of reference books and other related study materials. The Teaching Learning Method is supplemented by Projector, whiteboard material, Assignments, Group discussions, Interactive session of Questions and Answers.  The faculty members are worked for teaching as well as various activities like conducting Departmental Seminar, remedial coaching classes for weak students and students mentoring. Being established with the object of catering to the need of  the society in particular towards higher education with offering specialization as well as optional which help to promote the goal of students.


Faculty members of Education Department


1.       Head : Dr. Vanlalhlani Ralte (Associate Professor)

Contact: 9436147140



2.       Dr. Vanlalngaii (Associate Professor)

Contact: 9436157076/8974230916



3.       Ms. T. Laldintluangi (Assistant Professor)

Contact: 9612639925