Department of English

In Government J Buana College, English as an honors subject was first introduced in the year 1996. Till Date, the college has produced a number of English graduates. Today, the department is processing under four teaching faculties- three associate professors and one part-time assistant professor. They are:

1. Mrs. Lalthangmawii Chhangte (Head of Department)

2. Dr. Shankar Bhattacharya

3. Mrs. Briget B Selvy

4. Ms. Judy Lalparmawii Khiangte

• Currently in the new semester (July 2018), there are 250 students in the first semester where English FC also known as General English is being taught and there are 31 students taking English as their elective subject.

• There are 17 students taking elective English in the third semester.

• There are 6 English core students in the fifth semester.

The latest final results of UG Examination May 2018 under the department are as follows:

No. of students
No. of pass
Pass %