Department of Mizo was started in the year of 1983. Under the Department of Mizo, Mizo Elective and Major Indian language are introduced between 1st - 6th semesters. Admission is generally done in accordance with the eligibility criteria fixed by the college.

The Department has a small library having a good number of books and the library is reviewed periodically by adding new books, magazine and other related study materials every year.

The Department faculty member organised and conducted remedial coaching class and special tutorial class for backward students. Every semester we organised fields visit toward the relative subject matter for the empowerment and for the upliftment and motivation of the students.


Faculty Members of the Department

1.      Thlengliana

Associate Professor

Head of Department

Phone – 9436370669


2.      Lallianzuala

Associate Professor

Phone – 9612197255


3.      KF Lalthuamluaia

Associate Professor

Phone – 9436371195


4.      ZD Vanlaldinpuii

Asst. Professor

Phone – 9862306877


5.      Ngurthansanga Sailo

Asst. Professor

Phone - 9612324985